Come on England

Michael has just completed the grade on the second episode of England Matters for NikeFootball. Directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison at Archers Mark this episode follows Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley in the build up to the recent Scotland match. This is the latest in a long line of great football videos produced by Archers Mark for Nike and we're proud that Michael at Whitecross continues to be their go to Colourist for these projects.

Michael worked with Mike B in the grade who favours a cool and slightly desaturated look for these videos and as they will mainly be viewed on youtube, we always pay special attention to the contrast as the encoding tends to push that up and crushes the black level. The other challenge in these clips, shot on primarily on AM's 2 RED Epics but with B-roll coming from a variety of cameras including the 5D and broadcast tapes is a evenness to the palette, especially keeping a nice balanced green on the various pitches over the whole piece.

The latest video can be seen here: (20.000+ hits in the 1st day)