New Life

So spring has finally sprung in London and along with all that new life blossoming outside Whitecross Post Production is, after gestating through the long winter months, ready to meet the world. We'd like to thank WiredMonkeys for constructing this site and especially James Pearman for going above and beyond in getting us the functionality we wanted including, the soon to be launched smartphone edition.

As you're here you can see that we are a boutique picture post place run by the Editors (and a Colourist) themselves. Whilst we are drawing on a wide range of experience within the industry and have done everything from DRTV to feature films to nature documentaries we have one simple, central principle guiding the work we do. We deliver high quality results for our clients through all stages of picture post they require - from script and workflow consultancy to Offline, Colour Grading, Online, Mastering and Broadcast Compliance. We're happy to work with you in any or all of these areas to help you deliver high quality projects on time and on budget.

We look forward to working with you.