Bob Simon Credits List

Selected Editor Credits

“Home Shopping with Thane Direct” Infomercials Thane
Over 5000 UK compliant direct response ads (Avid Composer)
TX:  various 2002-13

 “Big Brother (series 6 to 12)” Reality series Endemol
Long running series of the original reality show (Avid Composer)
TX: Ch4 2005-10, Ch5 2011

“Strictly Dance Fever” Factual entertainment series BBC
VTs for live broadcast dance contest (Avid Composer)
TX: BBC1 & 3 2005

 “6ixth Sense with Colin Fry” Factual entertainment series
IPMMedium Colin Fry gives readings to the bereaved (Avid Xpress)
TX: UK Living 200 3-05

 “Design Wars” Factual entertainment series Talkback
Inserts for live house make-over series (Avid Composer)
TX: ITV 2003

“Ding Dong” Comedy Brighter Pictures
Docu-soap style sketch show (Avid Xpress)
TX: Trouble 2003

 “Fame Academy” Reality series Endemol
Contestants compete for recording contract (Avid Composer)
TX: BBC1, 2 & CBBC 2002

“Cruel Summer” Reality series
Brighter Pictures
Teenagers undergo gruelling tasks at Summer school (Avid Xpress)
TX: Trouble 2002

 “How Do I Live” Documentary BBC Music
Profile of songwriter Diane Warren  (Avid Composer)
TX: BBC2  2000