Colour Grading

Whitecross Post Production boasts a DaVinci Resolve projection grading suite for high end DI finishing. The Resolve suite can handle work from a large range of today's high-end cameras, including RAW and large resolution files from  RED - 2K and 4K and above, Arri Alexa, Sony F65 and Phantom to name but a few. The system delivers an amazingly powerful set of real-time grading tools utilising Resolve's node based architecture allowing for unlimited primaries, secondaries, power windows, multi-point tracking, blurs and more. With a Flanders Scientific grade 1 monitor, Hamlett 4:4:4 scopes and LightSpaceCMS calibration of our JVC Reference Series projector, colour accuracy is ensured throughout the suite.

For grading and DCP enquiries please contact Michael directly